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White Plaster

The most common swimming pool interior finish is white plaster.

Affordability, water color, and abundance is what makes white plaster one of the most common plaster finishes for a swimming pool.

Other types of swimming pool finishes include quartz plaster, pebble plaster and glass bead plaster.

What is White Plaster made of?

White plaster is made up of portland cement, sand and water.

How Much Does White Plaster Cost?

The cost of white plaster is made up of two parts:

First, the material itself, portland cement, sand and water.

Second, the delivery and installation of the plaster by the company plastering the swimming pool.

Depending on your pool size the cost will vary. Residential pool resurfacing is typically more per square foot than commercial pool resurfacing since commercial pools are much larger than residential pools. However, residential pools cost less to plaster than commercial pools since they are smaller in overall size.

Most residential swimming pools will cost between $2,500 to $5,000 to plaster depending on you region and pool size among other factors.

If you are resurfacing an existing pool there will usually be an additional charge for prep between $800 to $1,200.00

How Long Will White Plaster Last?

White plaster will typically last between 7 to 14 years, with an average of 10 years.

Keeping the pool properly balanced regularly along with eliminating any aggressive chemicals or untreated fill water will aid in achieving a longer lifespan on your white plaster.

What Water Color Will White Plaster Give?

A swimming pool finished with white plaster will give the classic aqua color of the water once the pool is completely full.

The shallow areas of the pool will be lighter hue of aqua and the deeper areas of the pool will be a darker hue of aqua.

White Plaster Pros and Cons?



  • shows stains easily
  • most susceptible to aggressive chemicals
  • most susceptible to aggressive fill water
  • most susceptible to improper balance
  • shortest lifespan of pool plaster


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