Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Do you need swimming pool resurfacing? Some signs that your pool is ready for new plaster include:

  • pitting
  • etching
  • staining
  • erosion
  • delamination
  • spalling
  • cracking
  • rough texture

If you notice any of these symptoms you may need swimming pool resurfacing soon. Mayan Pools offers a variety of plaster finishes for your pool from white plaster and pebble to glass bead plaster. We have several price points and warranty periods available.

White Plaster

White plaster is a tried and true swimming pool finish that has been around forever. This economical option is a great way to get that popular aqua water color for a very affordable price. White plaster typically lasts from 7 to 10 years before needing to be resurfaced.

Quartz Plaster

Quartz plaster is a great option for swimming pool resurfacing. With a variety of colors and color-blends to choose from, quartz plaster can give you many shades of water colors.

Another advantage of quartz plaster is that it typically lasts longer than white plaster under the same conditions. Quartz plaster typically lasts 10 to 15 years before needing to be replastered.

Pebble Plaster

Pebble plaster is by far the most popular pool finish right now. You can select from regular pebble or mini-pebble depending on your desired texture.

If you are in need of swimming pool resurfacing, pebble plaster offers unmatched color options and warranties for the price. Pebble plaster is known to last between 20 to 30+ years before refinishing is needed.

Glass Bead Plaster

A luxury plaster for your swimming pool resurfacing is the glass bead plaster. This plaster contains translucent polished glass beads throughout the plaster mix.

Glass bead plaster is a high-end finish that looks amazing under the sparkling sun! This plaster usually lasts 20 to 30+ years.

Atlanta Swimming Pool Resurfacing Company

Mayan Pools is your Atlanta swimming pool resurfacing company! We specialize in swimming pool resurfacing using white plaster, quartz plaster, pebble plaster, glass-bead plaster, diamond brite and pebbletec plaster.

Mayan Pools is a Georgia Specialty Contractor, Certified Pool Contractor (CPC), Certified Building Professional (CBP), Certified Start-Up Technician (NPC), Certified Pool Inspector (CPI) and Certified Pool Operator (CPO).