commercial swimming pool replastering

Swimming Pool Replastering

Swimming pool replastering is easy with Mayan Pools. From the modification permit to the finished product, Mayan Pools will help you make the best swimming pool replastering choice for your facility.

Commercial pool plastering is typically either white plaster, white plaster with minimal quartz aggregate, light-colored quartz plaster and light-colored pebble plaster.

The key to any good replaster is the bond coat. Swimming pool replastering is not worth much if the bond coat is inferior or defective. Mayan Pools only uses the premium brand bond coat to ensure a long-lasting adhesion.

As proud members of the National Plasterers Council, Mayan Pools would love to be your swimming pool replastering company.

Pool Plaster and Racing Lanes

If your swimming pool needs new plaster and racing lanes and targets, Mayan Pools can help!

Mayan Pools regularly performs swimming pool replastering and re-tiling for commercial pools across the state of Georgia.

Pool Replastering Modification Permit

Did you know that replastering a pool in Georgia, may require a swimming pool modification permit?

Mayan Pools is a Certified Pool Contractor (CPC) and can easily submit your permit for approval to the Environmental Health Department. We can streamline your options, selections, finishes and surrounding modifications into one permit.

Swimming Pool Replastering Lifespan

Commercial swimming pool plaster typically lasts between 7 to 30 years depending on which type and brand of plaster is chosen for your swimming pool finish.

You need to forecast and budget for your facility to be able to replaster your swimming pool when needed.

A quality installation of pool plaster can also help you achieve long-term sustainability of your plaster finish.