swimming pool remodeling of apartment pool

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming pool remodeling is the best way to update an outdated swimming pool. The ultimate pool makeover is achieved by installing new plaster, tile, coping, and decking or deck resurfacing.

Mayan Pools is a swimming pool remodeling company that can take your project from permits to the finished product. Commercial pool remodeling requires a pool modification permit and may need a building permit depending on the extent of the pool remodel.

With a wide range of finish selections, Mayan is able to provide several choices across a wide range of prices, quality and warranty periods.

Pool Renovations and Remodeling

Does your pool look out-of-date or has simply become the ugly ducking of your facility?

Mayan Pools can completely makeover your swimming pool by replacing and remodeling the existing pool tile, coping, decking and plaster.

Using updated materials and finishes can give your swimming pool the much needed upgrade for a fraction of the price.

Pool Depth Remodeling

Are you looking to change the depth of your swimming pool?

Mayan Pools can work closely with you to make sure your pool meets all code requirements during your swimming pool remodel.

Changing the depth of the pool often involves removal of the a portion of the floor and walls of the pool, additional excavation or fill, modification of existing plumbing, shotcrete, and plaster.

Pool Shape Remodeling


Mayan Pools can change the shape of your swimming pool or even add-on additional features to your existing swimming pool to keep your facility competitive.

This type of work involves permitting, demolition and disposal, excavation and fill, steel rebar, shotcrete and plaster.