Swimming Pool Leak Repairs

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Finding a swimming pool leak is the first part of the challenge. The next step after locating the swimming pool leak is to properly repair the leak.

Repairing Leaks in the Swimming Pool Plumbing

Once the technician has located the leak in the plumbing line and marked, the next step is to repair the plumbing.
The most common process for this type of repair is:
Step 1: Saw-cut an area around the leak on the pool deck that would allow you enough space to work inside
Step 2: Dig-out the dirt to approximately 18-24” or until the plumbing is located. Be careful not to damage the plumbing further
Step 3: Locate and remove the damaged plumbing area
Step 4: Install or repair the new section of plumbing
Step 5: Pressure test the line again to make sure the line holds pressure (indicating the repair worked and no other areas of that line are damaged)
Step 6: Place the dirt back in the hole in 6” lifts and tamp or compact
Step 7: Pour new concrete in the decking area and trowel or broom-finish the concrete
Step 8: (optional) Match the new concrete to the existing as best as possible

Repairing Leaks in the Swimming Pool Shell

Once the leak has been located in the shell then the proper repair can take place.
Repairs in the shell vary according to the location of the leak.
– Leaks in the light conduit…butyl tape works great
– Leaks in the skimmer throats (joint)…hydraulic or water-stop cement works well
– Leaks in the tile joints…re-grouting the joints should stop the leak
– Leaks around return fittings…chipping-out around the return and installing hydraulic or water-stop cement should work
– Leaks around the main drains…may need plastic repair or hydraulic/water-stop cement repair
– Leaks in the hydrostat…may need a new hydrostat
– Leaks found at plaster cracks may need to have crack-filler or cement paste installed
– Leaks found in larger cracks in the shell may need to be epoxy-injected and/or stapled

*This article is in reference to concrete swimming pools.

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