Swimming Pool Leak Problems

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Damages from Swimming Pool Leaks

Believe it or not, even a small swimming pool leak can lead to significant damages in the form of structural and mechanical damages and can become costly to the swimming pool owner.

Structural Damages from Swimming Pool Leaks

In Atlanta, we are in a significant freeze/thaw zone…in that during the winter months…the weather can be freezing in the morning, can be thawing in the afternoon and can be re-freezing at night. This constant freeze/thaw cycle can cause significant expansion and contraction in concrete and soils in and around the pool and pool deck. If you add in water into the concrete and/or soils (from your leak) you can get some structural damage. We have seen decks crack, heave, and settle; waterline tile popping-off; coping stones and bricks popping-up; and such damage can become costly if severe enough.

Water from the leak can damage older gunite swimming pool shells causing leaks to open up larger and can cause damage to the gunite, the plaster, and the tile.

“Wash-Out” causes another major structural issue from pool leaks. Over time the soil around the leak begins to erode or “tunnel” like an ant-farm causing a void underneath. This is called “wash-out.” When the soil washes out enough, swimming pool decks can crack and settle due to a lack of support caused by the void.

Mechanical Damages from Swimming Pool Leaks

Leaks in your swimming pool can cause significant damage to your equipment from your lights, pumps (motors running dry), heaters and more.

Costs of Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leaks can hurt the budget/wallet by increasing your water bill as you are constantly re-filling your swimming pool (hundreds/thousands of gallons) as well as the chemical loss from the escaping pool water.

*This article is in reference to concrete swimming pools.

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