swimming pool leak detection and repair

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Do you think your swimming pool has a leak? If so, you need swimming pool leak detection.

Swimming pool leaks can occur in a variety of places from vinyl liner pin-holes to skimmer joint leaks, light conduit leaks and even hydrostatic relief-valve leaks.

Methods of Detecting Pool Leaks

Mayan Pools uses a variety of methods for swimming pool leak detection. Some of the tools and equipment we use include:

  • pressure tests
  • dye tests
  • hydrophones
  • listening devices
  • electronic listening
  • electronic interference
  • underwater cameras
  • measuring loss up to 1/1000th of an inch

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

After swimming pool leak detection is performed, repairs can be made. Typically swimming pool leak repairs include: re-grouting, plugging of conduit, re-sealing of skimmer joints, patching of skimmer plastic, re-sealing of hydrostats, plaster patching, tile replacement, stainless steel staple installation and more.

Pool Leak Detection Divers

Mayan Pools has divers on staff who can detect leaks without draining your swimming pool. Often times, our divers can repair your swimming pool leaks same day.

Our divers can perform leak detection in water as cold as 40 degrees with the use of drysuits.

Mayan Pools makes swimming pool leak detection easy!

Vinyl Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Mayan Pools can find your vinyl liner pool leak. Most vinyl liner pool leaks occur in the liner itself, the gaskets for the skimmers or fittings, or the connection between the liner and the steps.

A common cause of vinyl liner leaks are auto-cleaners. These auto-cleaners can cause injury to older or thinner liners. Our swimming pool leak detection experts were able to find 38 holes in a single vinyl liner pool due solely to the use of an auto-cleaner.

If you have a liner leak, Mayan Pools will patch your liner same day!

Concrete Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Mayan Pools can find your concrete pool leaks. Our swimming pool leak detection experts can use a variety of equipment to determine, isolate and pin-point your swimming pool leak.

Common concrete swimming pool leak areas include: plaster cracks (caused by shell cracking), skimmer joints, hydrostats, light conduit and tile joints.

If you have a concrete swimming pool and believe you may have a leak contact our swimming pool leak detection experts today!