pool leak detection and repair underwater in pool with pebble plaster

Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Pool leaks are no joke. They can start small and eventually grow into a much bigger deal quickly. Losses include wasted water, wasted chemicals, and potential damage to nearby structures.

As leaks increase they can become strong enough to wash-out the soil underneath and around your pool and pool deck. This can cause settling of concrete and even movement of your pool if left untreated.

Commercial Pool Leak Detection

Mayan Pools offers commercial pool leak detection to find those hard-to-find pool leaks.

Using advanced equipment Mayan Pools can located, isolate and pin-point pool leaks throughout your pool.

Our equipment includes pressure testing, dye testing, hydrophones, pipe finders, snake cameras, electronic listening equipment, helium gas detection, electronic insulation equipment and even equipment that can measure up to 1/1000th of an inch in water loss.

Commercial Pool Leak Repair


Leak repair often includes light conduit plugging, tile grouting, skimmer joint sealing, crack repair and plumbing repairs.

Once Mayan Pools finds your leaks, we can put together a comprehensive plan to repair your pool leaks.

Commercial leak repair can be more involved than residential pool leak repair and you should only trust your leak detection to a qualifed and professional pool leak detection and repair company.