pool deck refinishing of commercial swimming pool deck

Pool Deck Refinishing

Swimming pool deck refinishing is a great way to conceal cracks, patches, and blemishes on your concrete pool deck, while providing color, sealer, and slip-resistance.

Most commercial swimming pool decks are refinished with spraydeck or a cementitious knock-down texture with color and sealer. This type of pool deck coating is one of the most economical and therefore one of the better choices for large commercial pools.

Pool deck refinishing is is typically performed through a mixture of prep, base coating, texturing, and the application of a color and sealer.

Pool Deck Levelling

Older existing concrete pool decks can shift over time largely due to settling or heaving. In most situations, Mayan Pools can re-level your existing decking and then we can install a pool deck resurfacing finish to beautify your pool deck and offer slip-resistance.

Pool Deck Cracks & Repairs

Does your concrete pool deck have significant cracks, voids or flaking?

Mayan Pools can saw-cut your crack open and use premium crack fillers to fill your existing concrete cracks.

If your pool deck has voids or flaking, Mayan Pools can install a modified cement product to fill these voids and flaking.

Most swimming pool deck resurfacing projects involve some degree of base concrete repair as-needed.

Permitting for Pool Deck Refinishing

Most commercial pools will require a modification permit in order to perform swimming pool deck refinishing.

Mayan Pools can streamline your modification permit with the County as we know which materials, brands, and colors are approved and not approved.

If you would like a non-approved material, Mayan Pools can submit your material to the county for consideration and inclusion into the approved materials list.