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Pebble Plaster

Pebble plaster is a fantastic choice for swimming pool resurfacing. It is a longer lasting finish that offers an abundance of color options.

Pebble plaster has a much better warranty than white plaster or quartz plaster but costs more than white and quartz plaster and has the same warranty but is more affordable then glass bead plaster.

This interior finish is a great feature when displaying your home for sale as the potential Owner may likely be aware of its durability as opposed to white plaster, vinyl liners or fiberglass pools.

What is Pebble Plaster made of?

Pebble plaster is made of portland cement, sand, water and pebbles (aggregate).

What is the lifespan of Pebble Plaster?

Pebble plaster will typically last 25 to 30+ years in a properly balanced swimming pool.

Most pool companies offer between a 10 and 15 year limited warranty on pebble plaster.

What color will my water be with Pebble Plaster?

Pebble plaster comes in an infinite range of color options and blends.

From whites to tans to greens to blues to blacks, this plaster can provide you with your desired water color.

How much does Pebble Plaster cost?

Pebble plaster costs will typically run approximately 25% to 100% that of white plaster depending on the pool size, brand and quality of the aggregate plaster being installed.

The higher cost is of great value to the pool owner. This type of pool finish will last around 30 years, which lowers its cost-to-own considerably as compared with white plaster.

These finishes are the perfect touch of detail and sophistication backed by industry-leading warranties.

Pebble Plaster Pros and Cons


  • tons of colors to choose from
  • custom blends available
  • durability of 30 years
  • industry leading warranties


  • more expensive than white plaster or quartz
  • sensitive feet may prefer a smoother surface

Pebble Plaster Brands

There are several pebble plaster brands available, some of the ones Mayan Pools installs is:



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