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Glass Bead Plaster

Your pool finish will dazzle with glass bead plaster!

Glass bead plaster is a type of aggregate plaster finish for your swimming pool. This plaster carries an excellent warranty and ton of color options which makes the price worth it!

It is the most expensive type of plaster and is considered luxurious! This type of plaster is regular found on very high-end luxury swimming pools with particular attention to details and exclusivity.

What is Glass Bead Plaster?

Glass bead plaster is a swimming pool finish that is composed of portland cement, sand, water, and polished glass beads.

This type of plaster also usually contains pigments as well.

How long will Glass Bead Plaster last?

Glass bead plaster will typically last 25 to 30+ years in a properly balanced swimming pool. Much longer than white plaster and quartz and about as much as pebble plaster.

The key to a long lasting finish for any type of plaster is for the pool to remain properly balanced and to avoid any aggressive fill or chemicals.

How much does Glass Bead Plaster cost?

Make no mistake, glass bead plaster is the most expensive plaster for your swimming pool. This type of luxurious finish blends the aggregate size, durability, and color variations of pebble with translucence and sparkle of glass. Wonderful color blends can be customized to tie your plaster with your tile, coping, decking and style of your swimming pool.

This type of plaster costs about twice the price of pebble plaster.

Glass Bead Plaster Pros and Cons


  • brilliant finishes
  • tons of colors and blends
  • can add sparkles to your pool
  • great warranty
  • lasts 2o to 30+ years


  • most expensive plaster

Glass Bead Plaster Brands

We install the following glass bead plaster brands:



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