Does Your Swimming Pool Leak?

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Do You Think Your Swimming Pool May Have a Leak?

Swimming pool leaks can be troublesome and can cause damage to your swimming pool and or pool deck and can ultimately become costly in water loss and chemical waste.

There are some steps that every swimming pool owner who suspects a pool leak can try to determine how bad the leak is.

The Bucket Test

The bucket test is an easy test that you can perform right away to see how severe your suspected swimming pool leak may be.

Step 1: Grab a plastic 5 gallon bucket (the kind you can get at a hardware store works great)
Step 2: Fill the bucket 1/2 to 2/3 full of your swimming pool water
Step 3: Place the bucket on your first or second step of your swimming pool (make sure its weighed-down)
Step 4: Turn off the swimming pool pump
Step 5: Mark the inside of the bucket at the water level inside the bucket
Step 6: Mark the outside of the bucket at the water level outside of the bucket
Step 7: Turn your swimming pool pump back on
Step 8: Return 24 hours later and measure the water level inside the bucket from the mark you made
Step 9: Measure the water level outside the bucket from the mark you made
Step 10: Compare the two measurements
Step 11: Subtract the measurement from inside the bucket from the measurement you received outside the bucket…the difference is the amount of leak in a 24 hour period of time

A small amount of loss is expected from evaporation. This loss is the same in the bucket as it is on the outside of the bucket. So any loss greater than the amount lost inside the bucket is your water loss from your leak in a single day (24 hours).

*If you have an automatic fill line, you will want to turn this off. Additionally, you may not realize you have a leak if you have an automatic fill line until you get a high water bill.

Water-level Stop Area – Do not use this method if you have a vinyl, fiberglass or above-ground pool

Another way to possibly tell where the leak could be located is to allow the swimming pool to leak and see if the leak stops at a certain point in the pool shell. For instance, if the water level stops at the light and no other fixtures/fittings are at that level, then chances are the leak may be in the light. Care should be taken when doing this as allowing your pool to leak into the soil around your swimming pool is not advised and can cause major structural issues to your swimming pool and surrounding area.

If you have a swimming pool leak and need help locating the leak and repairing the swimming pool leak then please contact Mayan Pools at (404) 558-1717 or click the link below.

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