commercial pool repair on indoor spa

Commercial Pool Repair

Does your swimming pool need repair? Broken tile or coping? Plaster cracking and breaking? Decking look bad?

Mayan Pools is your commercial pool repair company. With experience in a wide range of pool repairs, Mayan Pools is your single source to fix all of those repairs.

Commercial pool repair should be performed by a Certified Pool Contractor, Call Us Today (404) 558-1717 to discuss your problem!

Pool Structure Repair

If your pool has a crack in the plaster, there may be an underlying crack in the existing gunite or shotcrete shell of the pool.

These cracks may be structural in-nature and should be properly stabilized.

Mayan Pools can install stainless steel staples with 5,000 psi of torque every 12 inches of pool crack.

Pool Plaster Repair

Have you ever noticed a flaking-off or delamination of your pool plaster in one or more isolated areas?

These areas should be quickly patched to eliminate further water intrusion underneath the plaster which can eat away at the bond coat between your pool shell and your plaster layer.

Mayan Pools can dive your pool and install an underwater pool patch for your plaster without you having to drain the pool and rebalance the chemicals.

Pool Tile Repair

Do you notice cracked tiles or tiles that are falling off?

This is likely a sign of something more serious behind the bond beam of the pool. Typically an improper mastic joint or drainage can allow the soil in and around the bond beam and decking to to expand and contract enough to force the bond beam to crack.

Mayan Pools can stabilize the bond beam crack and then replace or install new tile along the waterline.

Pool Coping Repair

Do you notice hollow or loose coping bricks or stone on your pool perimeter?

Mayan Pools can identify the cause and correct the underlying issue and then replace or install all new concrete, brick, stone, or other selected coping.

Pool Decking Repair

Whether you just need crack repair or re-levelling of the existing concrete, or whether you want to install a new deck coating like Spraydeck or even install a paver or stone deck, Mayan Pools can help!